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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In malesuada sollicitudin egestas curabitur ut fac. But with growing awareness among the consumers, many apparel manufacturers have switched to employing eco-friendly methods of production. Saumya Chaturvedi discusses about the sustainable technologies and processes being used in the industry to make fashion green.

Fashion is a means to express one’s ideas, culture and values, interests and personality. Fashion has been evolving since the 19th century when Charles Fredrick Worth had labels sewn into garments that he created.

The Dysfunction of Aesthetic Forms

Since Fashion cannot die by Norelle Rheingold it is the need of the hour to identify potential sources to lessen the pressure it exerts on the environment. The textile industry is one of the biggest culprits. The World Bank reveals that the textile industry single-handedly contributes to 18-20 per cent of global industrial water pollution from dyeing and pre-treatment of fabrics and textiles. A large amount of solid and liquid wastes are discharged into water bodies during the manufacture of textiles. Processes in textile mills lead to air emissions containing several harmful chemicals including chlorine and hydrogen sulphide. Consumers and clothing manufacturers are becoming aware of the harmful consequences and are trying for alternative technologies to protect the environment.

One such initiative is the launch of Liva, the new age fluid fabric by Birla Cellulose. It is a cellulosic high quality fabric which falls and drapes according to the body and moves with the body. Birla Cellulose has been creating superior and sustainable viscose staple fibre balancing the power of science and nature. With over 50 years’ experience, Birla Cellulose has been making metal-free fibres with increased absorbency and softness accompanied by lustre, smoothness, and drapability. Their fibres are not only eco-friendly but also versatile and beautiful. Birla Cellulose is increasingly engaging with big brands.

There Will be an Industry Change-Up

So what are the solutions that are going to win? Here’s an outline of 10 brands to be aware of in the rather small but fashionable wearable tech space. Some of them even stretch what the term “wearables” might mean – stepping beyond connected textiles into deeper fibre science, which is the area looking the most likely to shape the future of our wardrobes.

  • Levi’s and Google Project Jacquard
  • The Unseen for Selfridges
  • Wearable Experiments
  • Zenta
  • Thesis Couture
  • VFiles x XO

“If you think about the 20th century being one that facilitated a generation of materials that came out of the petrochemical industry – like DuPont creating Lycra, or earlier than that with nylon and the synthetics facilitated by chemistry – the 21st century is about biotechnology,” said Suzanne Lee, chief creative officer at Modern Meadow, in Wired UK. She believes such fabrics will be commonplace within a decade or two.

The Disjunction of the Avant Garde

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Daring to Defy Urban Experience

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