How to take the perfect selfie

News that the rise of the selfie has resulted in a demand for dental work this year will have come as no surprise to social media users. Here's an expert guide to make s ...

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Languages spoken in the Middle East

What’s the place you’d regret not traveling to the most? That’s the question global tour operator Contiki recently asked 5,000 millennials to compile The No Regrets List: the 20 places millennial most want to travel to in 2017--and why. In the Unite ...

The best no fuss hamburger recipe

Rats are invading Russian restaurants-- but don't worry, they're not on the floor, they're just on the menu. This fall, the meat from nutria, a large, orange-toothed rodent also known as coypu or river rats, is being served up in gourmet burgers. Th ...

Hate washing dishes? These gloves are for you

We'll take anything that makes our dishwashing experience better. These gloves are a great start. Doing dishes is the worst. This is an universally agreeable truth. But there’s a way to make this process more tolerable, and it starts with gloves.

The ultimate guide to beach fashion

ON THE ROCKS: this season's ultimate party piece - the statement-making cocktail ring - ushers in a new era of striking jewellery. Go big or go home: this season's offerings dazzle in eye-catching emerald, bolstering blues and attention-seeking amet ...

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